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Powerful Compact Hardware with pre-installed 64 Bit G-Core video engine and 64 Bit operating system Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro. GPU accelerated image processing. Encrypted data transmission from camera to server and from server to review station. Various configuration wizards for quick and easy system setup. Unique dual database architecture with separate image and process data storage in proprietary video and standardized SQL database. Tamper proof and verifiably authentic video material for use in court of law and extremely fast and flexible metadata search. Maximum image database size of 10 TB allowed on unit. Support of standardized compression formats as well as video security optimized formats such as H264CCTV. For up to 10 IP camera channels from different brands. Central Action Manager for combination of many G-Scope units to one single networked system of any size. Alarm controlled and freely definable viewers. Optimized picture playback even in rewind mode. Time synchronized viewing with timeline control. Platform independent web access via any common browser via HTML5 without additional plugins. Fading Long Term Memory (FLTM), Cut-List, Motion Search, Adaptive Stream Management (ASM), low latencies, data export, pan/tilt camera remote control, Alarm Push Function (APF), activity and audio detection. Options: Professional perimeter protection G-Tect/VMX, 3D video sensor G-Tect/VMD and automatic number plate recognition G-Tect/ANPR. Technical data: INTEL Celeron Quad Core Processor, 2x 4 GB DDR3L RAM, HDMI, Display Port, VGA output, 2x Ethernet 1GBit on board, 8 control inputs, 4 relay outputs, one HDD for the operation system and the image database must be added when ordering, Certified in accordance with German Banks regulation UVV- Kassen.

  • Professional G-Core video engine
  • Outstanding performance due to GPU powered image processing and 64 Bit architecture
  • Easy installation and system setup through wizards
  • Clear and structured user interface concept with context sensitive help function
  • Meets highest data protection requirements: HTTPS, Privacy Masking, tamper-proof database architecture, watermarking, extensive access rights definitions
  • Extended operating temperature range up to 50 °C

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